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Across all ancient civilization is the legend of a very Large boat which saves many species on this planet from a catastrophic deluge. In Christianity it is called Noah’s Arc and in India it is called Matshya Avataar, a gigantic fish that guided a large boat captained by the great saint Manu. Manali gets its name as being the abode of the great saint. 2050 meters above the sea level and hidden inside the Himalayas with the beas river gushing by is the quaint town of Manali with a population of under ten thousand. With a summer high of 25 degrees Celsius and a winter low of -15 degrees Celsius the best time to visit Manali is sometime between April and July, though the rest of the months the hills are snowy cold and white clad, should you wish to enjoy the snow.

The scenic beauty of Manali is accentuated by the surrounding valleys and some of them like Rohtang Pass and other points are accessible on a day trip. The hills slopes are all covered with Pine, Apple trees and gushing water falls dots the hill sides. Manali is only accessible by road or by flight to Kulu. Most choose to use the road, primarily for two reasons. The regularity of the flight is dependent on the unpredictable weather up in the mountains and more importantly the scenic beauty of the road journey is just breath taking as the road winds itself through the mountain and across valleys.